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she THICC & healthy

for all my babes sportin' thick thighs and even thicker smoothies

anyone out there trying to lose weight right now? I am. I just had a baby in October and my sister's wedding is in July so getting that baby weight off it's definitely on my to do list.

wait, what?

yea I know, you are probably thinking why do i need to lose weight...? this chick only eats real fucking food, we read that a few weeks ago right?

YES, and I do.

you see, just like that smoothie above, your girl here is THICC. I have always had a little extra in the booty area (among other places). I am not what anyone would consider thin or toned. If you saw me you probably wouldn't immediately think "oh that babe is an Instagram health food blogger..." BUT just like that smoothie I am healthy as fuck. Made with all real ingredients, jammed packed with nutrients and sweet as hell. Sure my thighs jiggle when I am straight killin' it on the treadmill but pretty much everything on the inside is working as it should.

so although I don't look a certain way, I am healthy.

you can gain weight eating real fucking food


you can lose weight eating fake ass foods.

yes, it's true.

this concept is challenging because the food, weight loss product, gym and supplement industries for YEARS have been perpetuating this idea that being on a diet, or losing weight means you are getting healthy. And they aren't totally wrong, but they aren't right either.

today, health and wellness has become more about body image or wanting to change the way you look. This is probably the main force behind most people wanting to get healthier. And that's fine! personally, I am OK with pretty much any motivation, as long as it's realistic and not harmful of course. What tends to happen though is most people assume that as someone loses weight they are automatically becoming healthier. this is not always the case. it is important to not confuse these two concepts: losing weight & being healthier are not the same thing.

being healthy, or being in good health has to do with promoting or trying to achieve a lifestyle where the food you eat, your surroundings and influences all have a positive effect on you as a person: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Losing weight, has to do with the amount of food you eat in comparison to the energy you burn (among other factors like sleep, stress, and metabolism). By eating more than you burn consistently, you can gain weight. So, whether your power chugging hot fudge or scarfing down a loaf of avocado toast on the reg, you could start packing on the pounds.

but let's just say I want to be healthy and lose weight

AWESOME. The most important thing to remember is being healthy should be number one. Of course being at a weight that you are comfortable with is important, but your physical appearance is second to your overall well being. When deciding what to eat, always look at the INGREDIENTS. Choosing real food is KEY, the nutrition facts should never be more important that the ingredients. The point is not to sacrifice quality for calories.

NEXT, depending on your metabolism, and how active you are throughout the day, you may want to limit or temporarily stop eating the following items. Even though, they are real food and healthy they can limit or stunt weight loss.

-nuts and nut butters

-granola (even grain free)

-starchy root veggies: potatoes, yuca, etc.

-nut based flours: coconut, almond, arrowroot

mix those 2 steps with the extra PRO TIPS below and you should droppin' LB's like they are going out of style.

-drink water

-try to not skip meals

-mind your portions - power eating a whole loaf of avocado toast will pack on the pounds, for sure.

-exercise, you still need to exercise.

-remember other factors like stress, sleep, metabolism and hormones can affect weight loss.








you can love your booty but still want to lose weight. the reason we make positive changes is because we love ourselves and want to be better, in whatever way that is.

you don't have to hate who you were to become what you want to be.

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