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just eat real f*cking food

Updated: May 31, 2019

one woman trying to figure out how this healthy food thing works.

so I caught your eye with the f-word and I like your style.

With countless people on the internet trying to "decode" this health thing, it's hard to get people interested in yet another post with yet another chick ranting about what food you should be eating. I mean what the fuck do I know? I am not a nutritionist, and I didn't go to medical school. I am just some basic mom, trolling Instagram for the latest food trends, all while trying to figure out what health and wellness really means, and not go broke in the process. I mean we all know why more people don't live a healthy lifestyle; it's too damn hard. There is so much information out there, to start. Every single day someone else is "revolutionizing" the way we should be eating; coming up with some new opinion on how to be healthy, that of course contradicts what someone said the day before. And we are all left wondering things like...

should we eat meat or not?

what is gluten, and why does it make everything better?

fat is good now, but it can also be bad...

is coconut oil still OK?

butter... in your coffee, is good now?

why the hell is everyone putting turmeric on everything?

I think in this confusion, I can offer a less complex opinion. My views on healthy eating are as basic as me sipping on a pumpkin spice latte in my UGGs; all you have to do is just eat real fucking food.

Now, I know what you are thinking "alright, this concept seems simple enough. I just need to eat real food. So all I have to do is just stay away from those plastic fruit bowls...I can do that..." and yes in a sense that is correct, but here is a little more information.

what the fuck is"real food"?

a quick and easy guide to healthy eating without being totally confused (or poisoned)

real food is food in it's "most" natural state, or more plainly: - meat

- veggies

- fruits

- legumes

- nuts

Now most of us don't plan on eating only those 5 items for the remainder of our days. Especially those of us in the beginning phases of our clean eating journey. It just isn't realistic and that's OK. Packaged food products are a large part of how we eat today, it's convenient and easy. With that being said we can still make better decisions when it comes navigating the grocery store aisles.

So, when looking for packaged, bottled or pre-made food, review the ingredient list and try and select products that have:

NO preservatives

NO dyes or colors

NO chemicals

NO mystery ingredients (if you don't know what it be, be concerned)

OK so I am in, what now?

The first step is don't compare yourself to others. We all live different lives and most of us do not have the time to prepare Instagram worthy meals everyday (or any day). Cut yourself some slack! Most people don't go from inhaling Whoppers twice a day to ordering a kale salad with the dressing on the side, and that's totally fucking fine. The fact that you are even considering what you are eating and trying to making better decisions is fricken awesome!

To make things a little easier (and because I love you), here are a few realistic tips to help you start making better food choices:

1. When shopping, start looking at the ingredient lists NOT the Nutrition Facts.

2. Minimize the amount of packaged food products you buy as much as possible (be realistic, you don't have to eliminate everything at once)

3. When planning your meals include 2 veggies and meat (or vegan alternative)

4. Find clean sauces and dressings you like - salsa, hummus, or pesto for example usually have clean ingredients and can be added to veggies for meals or quick snacking.


I just started an online farmer's market NW Bulk Market where:




on the website is made with ONLY REAL INGREDIENTS - just one more way, we can make this whole wellness thing a little easier.

***Remember when it comes to healthy options, just keep it simple. You don't need to subscribe to any diet labels or meal plans, just eat real fucking food.

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