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just eat a f*cking doughnut...

a tribute to stuffing your face and not feeling bad about it.

Wait, WHAT? I thought this chick just told me last week “just eat real fucking food” and now she is talking about doughnuts…? You are right AND I did write that. In fact, I wrote it like a hundred times and I stand by it! But I feel just as strongly about balance. Everything in life is about balance.

Now if you are one of those rare individuals who dry heaves at the sight of a cupcake OR prefers celery over french fries, then hot damn baby you win all the points. However, if you are like me and your blood type is chocolate and you swoon anytime you walk by a fine ass piece of gluten then I have a mantra for you...

You want a doughnut, eat a f*cking doughnut

....and don't feel bad about it.

Now this isn't where I start the whole basic bitch rant where I type things like YOLO or some other cliche shit like that. As you read in my previous post, eating real food is a lifestyle, not a diet or a meal plan. This journey starts with just an awareness of what you are eating, and making a conscious decision to change it. Your new decision to eat cleaner is a progression, and there aren't many people who transition from shotgunning churros to sprinkling cashew parm on their zoodles in one goddamn day. OK, cut yourself some slack. We aren't drawing a line in the sand, chanting to ourselves that we will never enjoy any "bad" food again. Because you will, and it will be awesome.

OK, so what am I trying to say?

The point is to not deprive yourself of something you really want. Realistically making healthier decisions will never become a consistent part of your life if you feel like your always missing out on something. I don't eat anything I hate and I don't defend the need to indulge by saying things like "you deserve this for all your hard work" because that's bullshit. The balance I am promoting comes from a real love of eating healthy and also not being scared of enjoying myself by eating something that may not necessarily fit into my idea of the types of food healthy people eat. It is SUPER important to remember that being happy is just as much as part of wellness as food is.

As I said, I do believe that once you start experimenting with new foods, your tastes will progress and you will love the taste of veggies and healthy things you never thought you would before. Hell one day you may even prefer cleaner options over things you once loved. Who knows before you know it you'll be like "extra bee pollen on my acai bowl please!" while you give your husband the stink eye for ordering pizza. But remember even when you are living that new, NEW life sipping on turmeric lattes, stuffing all the avocado toast down your throat and spending your free time reading labels at the grocery store, there will be moments when you want to make those red velvet french toast dreams a reality.

And when that day comes you will close your eyes and say it with me.

You want a doughnut, eat a fucking doughnut

...and don't feel bad about it.

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